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5 great records of cricket, which are impossible to break; Some played an inning of 400 runs and some…

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New Delhi: There are 5 such great records in the world of cricket which are impossible for any player to break. These records have remained unbroken for many years. Someone set a world record by scoring 400 runs in an innings while someone else has taken more than 1300 wickets in international cricket. Someone has 100 international centuries in his name and someone has made the world record of scoring the fastest century. Many of these records have remained intact for years. Today in this article we will tell which player made these records, when, where and against whom. Will these records remain unbroken like this or will someone break them? At present it does not seem that any player can break them.

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has scored 3 double centuries in One Day International cricket. Rohit has a world record for playing an innings of 264 runs in One Day International cricket. This unique record of Rohit does not seem to be broken in the near future. Rohit, famous as Hitman in world cricket, had made this record against Sri Lanka. 35-year-old Rohit Sharma, while opening the fourth ODI of the series against Sri Lanka at the historic Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata on 13 November 2014, played an inning of 264 runs which included 33 fours and 9 sixes. Rohit made this score on 173 balls. He completed 200 runs in 151 balls while the first hundred runs were scored in 100 balls. He reached the figure of 150 in 125 balls whereas it took 151 balls for the double century.

Veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, known as the God of Cricket, set many records in his 24-year-old international cricket career, but his record of hundred centuries in international cricket is still unbroken. It is not easy to break this record of Sachin. Although Virat Kohli has definitely scored 76 centuries in international cricket, it is not easy for Kohli to break this record of Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar has scored 51 centuries in 200 test matches while he has 49 centuries in his name in ODIs. Sachin has a record 18426 runs in One Day International cricket, which is a world record.

Sri Lanka’s great spinner Muttiah Muralitharan made many records in bowling and broke many in his cricket career. It is said about Murali that he had the ability to spin the ball even on glass. Muralitharan has more than 1300 wickets in his name in international cricket, which is a world record. Muralitharan, who in his time created fear in the hearts of the world’s great batsmen with his spin bowling, took the maximum of 800 wickets in 133 Test matches, while he has 534 wickets in his name in 350 ODIs. Muralitharan took 13 dismissals in 12 T20 matches. In this way, he has 1347 international wickets in his name.

Veteran West Indies cricketer Brian Lara is one of the best batsmen of modern cricket. Once Lara settled at the crease, it was difficult for the bowlers to get him out. Former West Indies left-handed batsman Lara has a world record in Test cricket which is not easy for today’s batsmen to break. Brian Lara played an inning of 400 runs against England at St. John’s in 2004. During this period, he broke the record of 381 runs of Australian opener Matthew Hayden, but this world record of Lara was rarely broken.

Veteran batsman AB de Villiers, known as Mr. 360 Degree of South Africa, has a world record of scoring a century in 31 balls in ODI, which is almost impossible to break. De Villiers made this record in 2015 against the West Indies in Johannesburg. He had scored 149 runs on 44 balls. This is the fastest century in One Day International cricket.

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