50 Cent, Shaq and Kenya Barris Team Up in Attempt to Buy BET

By | May 6, 2023

Add 50 Cent, Shaq And Kenya Barris As for the growing list of high-powered celebs interested in buying BET, we’ve learned the group is pushing hard to get a deal done.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us that 50 and Kenya were seen at the Paramount offices in NYC earlier this week to talk about the possibility of buying the business and network.

As far as cash… we’re told 50, Shaq and Kenya are fully loaded and ready to make an offer with the help of CVC, an investment company.

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to do before anything is finalized, as a source told us, “It’s not a deal, but they’re deep into it.”

The trio makes a lot of sense, with 50 finding great success on Starz, and recently signing a multi-year deal with FOX that will surely bring him a lot of cash. Not to mention, he also announced his global “The Final Lap” tour to celebrate 20 years of “Get Rich or Die Trying”… so he’s clearly still in the music biz. I am super connected.

Then there’s Shaq and Kenya who have massive TV deals – and with an impressive resume of producing, directing and writing Kenya credits.

As we said… Diddy Is also between names Who has thrown his hat into the ring as an interested party. tv mogul tyler perry And byron allen Serious talks are also reportedly underway to buy the network.

It still remains a mystery as to the asking price… but BET sold for almost $3 billion 22 years ago, so you have to imagine that figure has only gone up.

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