Asian Games: India created history by winning gold medal in archery, broke last season’s record

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New Delhi. Indian players are performing very well in the Asian Games 2023. Jyoti Vennam and Ojas Deotale did wonders for India in the compound mixed event of archery and won the gold medal. They defeated SO Chaewon and JOO Jaehoon of the Republic of Korea in the final. By winning this medal, India has made a big record in the Asian Games.

India won gold

In the compound mixed event of archery, Jyothi Vennam and Ojas Deotale scored 159. While the Korean pair scored 158. The Korean pair could not stand against the Indian pair and lost the match. Earlier, Indian archers Jyoti and Ojas scored 10 points every time except nine points against Kazakhstan’s pair of Adel Zheshenbinova and Andre Tyutyun in the semi-finals. The Indian pair had defeated Malaysian pair of Mohammad Juwaidi bin Mazuki and Fatin Noorfattah Mate Saleh in the quarterfinals. Now he continued his excellent performance in the finals also and won the gold medal.

India broke the previous record

India had won a total of 70 medals in the Asian Games 2018, which included 16 gold. This time in the Asian Games 2023, based on the stellar performance of the players, India has won 71 medals, which includes 16 gold. With this, India has achieved its best performance in the Asian Games 2023. There are still a lot of events left in athletics and wrestling from which India is expected to get more medals. This time a target has been set to bring more than 100 medals in the Asian Games.

Medals won by India in every season of Asian Games:

  • Asian Games 1951-51 Medals
  • Asian Games 1954- 17 medals
  • Asian Games 1958- 13 medals
  • Asian Games 1962-33 Medal
  • Asian Games 1966-21 Medal
  • Asian Games 1970-25 Medals
  • Asian Games 1974-28 Medals
  • Asian Games 1978-28 Medals
  • Asian Games 1982-57 Medal
  • Asian Games 1986-37 Medal
  • Asian Games 1990-23 Medal
  • Asian Games 1994-23 Medals
  • Asian Games 1998-35 Medals
  • Asian Games 2002-36 Medal
  • Asian Games 2006-53 Medal
  • Asian Games 2010-65 Medal
  • Asian Games 2014-57 Medal
  • Asian Games 2018- 70 Medals
  • Asian Games 2023-71 Medals (by October 4)

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