Asian Games: India got another medal in shooting, won bronze medal in the team event.

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New Delhi: India has succeeded in winning another medal in shooting in the 19th Asian Games going on in Hangzhou, China. In the men’s 25 meter rapid fire pistol team event, India’s trio of Vijayveer Sidhu, Anish Bhanwala and Adarsh ​​Singh have succeeded in winning the bronze medal. India has seen the best performance in shooting in this Asian Games so far compared to the previous Asian Games.

At the beginning of the seventh day of the 19th Asian Games, India’s pair of Sarabjot and Divya won the silver medal in the mixed category shooting event by defeating the Chinese pair by a margin of 16-14. On the sixth day of Asian Games 2023, India won 5 medals from various shooting events. So far, India has won a total of 36 medals in this Asian Games, in which apart from 10 medals, there are 13 silver and 13 bronze medals.

Mirabai Chanu disappointed

India had high expectations from Olympic medalist Mirabai Chanu in the women’s weightlifting event, but she disappointed everyone. She could lift only 83 kg in snatch. After this, she failed to lift the weight of 86 kg in the second and third attempts. This dealt a big blow to India’s hopes of winning a medal in this event. India has seen excellent performance so far in other sports events.

The Indian hockey team will also take the field in the Asian Games on September 30, in which they will compete with the Pakistan team in Pool-A. Till now the hockey team has shown a one-sided performance in this Asian Games and everyone expects similar performance from them in this match.

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