Bed Bath & Beyond: What customers should know before it liquidates

Bed Bath & Beyond closing all stores

Bed Bath & Beyond going out of business after bankruptcy filing


Customers of Bed Bath & Beyond still have a few more weeks to shop and use coupons despite the struggling home goods retailer declaring bankruptcy on Sunday.

The company plans to shut all of its 360 Bed Bath & Beyond and 120 Buy Buy Baby locations by the end of June. Here’s what to know about using reward points and in-store credit before stores close for good.

How long can I shop in stores?

Customers can still shop at Bed Bath & Beyond stores, but locations will start to close as soon as Wednesday April 26. The online store and mobile app is still operational, although the company hasn’t said if those shopping options will remain open during the bankruptcy proceedings. Anyone who bought something online but hasn’t received it will still have their order fulfilled.

Can I still use rewards, store credits, coupons and gift cards?

Welcome Rewards (which is Bed Bath & Beyond’s frequent shopper points program) and in-store credits will be accepted until May 15. Gift cards will be good until May 8, and coupons will be accepted until Wednesday. Customers with a Bed Bath & Beyond Rewards+ credit card can still use it until stores close. But those with a Rewards+ Loyalty membership, which cost $29 annually, cannot cancel it for a refund.  

When is the last day I can return items?

Returns are welcome until May 24, Bed Bath & Beyond said. Purchases made at a store on its closing day are final.

Will I receive items that were purchased on my baby registry?

Bed Bath & Beyond said it plans to work with an outside company to transfer registry data and fulfill those orders. The company hasn’t released specifics on that move yet. 

Who do I contact if I have more questions? 

The Bed Bath and Beyond bankruptcy case can be found here. Customers with questions can email [email protected] or call at (833) 570-5355; call (646) 440-4806 if you’re calling from outside the U.S. or Canada.

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