Court approved Shikhar Dhawan’s divorce, even after spending crores of rupees, Dhawan could not save his married life.

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New Delhi. Indian star cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has got divorced from his wife Ayesha Mukherjee. The family court of Delhi has approved this. Dhawan is 10 years younger than Ayesha. Both of them got engaged in 2009. After this, Dhawan married Ayesha in 2012. This was Shikhar’s first marriage, but Ayesha’s second marriage…

Indian team’s star opener Shikhar Dhawan has got divorced from his wife Ayesha Mukherjee. The Family Court located in Delhi’s Patiala House complex has approved Dhawan’s divorce on Wednesday (October 4). Along with this, Dhawan has also got permission to meet his son. However, the court has not given any decision on the custody of the son.

Ayesha Mukherjee has been a professional kick boxer. In such a situation, for the last 10 years, Dhawan has had to face Ayesha’s punches. But now with the court’s decision, Shikhar has got relief from the blows of Ayesha, who is 10 years older than him. Ayesha, who was at the hitting end, is now out.

When the love blossomed on the virtual platform came in actual form, Shikhar came down to earth and then he realized that he had hit the wrong ball. The same bowling continued for 10 years. Now Shikhar is relieved. When you get freedom from the punch of your wife and a new velvet thread of relationship with your son can be connected. This means that Shikhar has tied the pads of relationships for the next innings.

After the court’s decision, as soon as the case that had been going on for the last two years ended, the bond between Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee, which was merely nominal as husband-wife, was now broken. The only knot that connects them is their son. Which is connected to both separately. Family Court judge Harish Kumar clearly saw all the allegations of Dhawan against Ayesha in the light of evidence. That’s why the court said that Ayesha has not opposed these allegations.

Bachelor Dhawan married the mother of two daughters

Ayesha, mother of two daughters, married bachelor Dhawan because he was in love with her. In 2012, Anand got married as per Sikh customs and Shikhar got his wish. Along with Ayesha, Shikhar also adopted her two daughters Riya and Alia. Next year, Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha also had a son, Zoravar, with whom Ayesha is living in Australia. Zorawar was also born in Australia. After the birth of their son, bitterness and tension increased in their relationship.

Both could not live peacefully even for a year. Shikhar, who scored a century in the field, was out even before crossing the figure of 10 in his personal life. According to the court’s decision, Shikhar Dhawan had sent Rs 13 crore to Ayesha from time to time during their 8 years of married life. Its average is Rs 1.25 crore annually. You can calculate how much is made per month. more than 10 lakh rupees

Dhawan spent crores of rupees

This amount was separate from other household expenses. This money was only for Ayesha to spend. The details of the verdict show that apart from Rs 13 crore, Dhawan also spent crores of rupees on other luxuries like school fees, travel, hotel etc. for his children including his two daughters. Even though Shikhar was not able to meet his son for much time, he bought three properties for his family in Australia. With his earnings, Shikhar bought one in their joint name and the owner of two is Ayesha.

Ayesha did not do any business after getting a huge ATM in the form of Shikhar after marriage. Gave up kick boxing also. She also took a good amount of money from her previous husband for the maintenance and education of the children. On the other hand, Shikhar, blinded by love, also bore the expenses of Ayesha and her two daughters’ foreign trips, holidays and even the training of dogs. Later, when the relationship went sour, Shikhar’s eyes opened and he refused to spend this recklessly.

According to the decision also, Ayesha was eating Dhawan’s property by selling it. If her hands were too tight, she would even extort money from her daughter’s boyfriend. It is a different matter that Shikhar regularly sent lakhs of rupees every month for the expenses of Ayesha, his two daughters, three dogs and Zoravar.

Ayesha asked for Rs 13 crore for divorce

Despite all this, Ayesha asked for 2.5 million Australian dollars i.e. Rs 13 crore from Shikhar for divorce with mutual consent. Along with this, a condition was also laid for the future custody of Zorawar and transfer of ownership of Dhawan’s properties in Australia. Now that the divorce has been finalized, the court has ordered Dhawan’s wife Ayesha to bring the child to India for the purpose of visitation including overnight stay with Dhawan and his family members for at least half the period of school holidays during the academic calendar. Have given.

This is how Dhawan fell in love with Ayesha

It is said that Shikhar Dhawan had seen Ayesha in Harbhajan Singh’s Facebook friend list and fell in love with her as soon as he saw her picture. After this Shikhar sent a friend request to Ayesha. There was a conversation between the two and they fell in love with each other on Facebook itself. Shikhar is 10 years younger than Ayesha.

Both of them got engaged in 2009. After this, Dhawan married Ayesha in 2012. This was Shikhar’s first marriage, but Ayesha’s second marriage. Ayesha’s first marriage was to an Australian businessman, which broke. Ayesha and her first husband have two daughters named Reya and Alia. Who are 21 and 17 years old. Shikhar and Ayesha have a son named Zorawar.

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