Cricket World Cup: How can Team India reach the semi-finals? Understand the whole equation


New Delhi. The World Cup (Cricket World Cup 2023) will start from October 5. A total of 10 teams are playing in this entire tournament and a total of 48 matches will be played. Indian Cricket Team is the host this time. Let us tell you that on October 5, the first match of the World Cup will be between the teams of England and New Zealand (First match England vs New Zealand). Both the teams had played against each other in the final of the last World Cup in which England had won. Let us tell you that out of 10 teams, the top 4 teams will reach the semi-finals. In such a situation, let us know how the teams can reach the semi-finals. For this, what kind of performance will the teams have to show in the World Cup?

How can teams reach the semi-finals?

This time all the teams have to play 9 matches against each other team. In such a situation, if a team is successful in winning 7 out of 9 matches, then it may be easy for that team to reach the semi-finals. Apart from this, teams will also have to keep paying attention to their run rate. If the match is canceled due to rain or the points have to be divided among themselves, then from here only the team which has better net run rate will move ahead.

For example, during the 2019 World Cup, New Zealand had the advantage of net run rate, due to which Pakistan reached fifth place in the points table and the Kiwi team reached fourth place. Both the teams had won 5 out of 9 matches during the World Cup 2019. But due to better run rate, New Zealand was successful in reaching the semi-finals. This time too, whichever team is successful in winning 7 matches, it can be easy for that team to reach the semi-finals.

How can India reach the semi-finals?

This means that this time if the Indian team has to make its way to the semi-finals, then it will have to win at least 7 out of its 9 matches at any cost. At the same time, the team will have to focus on run rate from the very beginning.

India is hosting fully for the first time

This is the first time that India is hosting the World Cup alone. In 2011, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh together hosted the World Cup. Let us tell you that before 2011, India had hosted the World Cup in 1987 and 1996 but not alone.

West Indies is not playing the World Cup

Two-time world champion West Indies is not a part of the World Cup this time, which is certainly surprising. Actually, West Indies could not qualify for the World Cup, let us tell you that the West Indies team is the world winning team of 1975 and 1979. This time 8 teams had directly qualified for the World Cup on the basis of their ranking. In which India had already qualified due to being the host. Apart from these teams, Sri Lanka and Netherlands have qualified for the World Cup by playing the qualifying round.

The boundary will not be less than 70 meters

This time during the World Cup the boundary will not be less than 70 meters. ICC has asked the pitch curators to keep as much grass as possible on the pitch. Now in such a situation, the fun of this World Cup is going to be double for the fans.

Boundary count rule ends

The team that became the winner in the last World Cup was declared the winner on the basis of boundary count rule. Actually, the final match played between New Zealand and England was a tie. This match was also tied in the Super Over, after which England was declared the winner on the basis of scoring more boundaries than New Zealand. This rule of ICC was also criticized a lot.

Soft signal will not be used

ICC has removed the soft signal rule this year. ICC had removed this rule in June. Recently there was a lot of controversy regarding the soft signal rule. Actually, according to this rule of ICC, the umpire present on the field could take help from the third umpire for his decision. If the on-field umpire feels that there is any doubt in the decision of catch or LBW, then the umpire sends this decision to the third umpire. Apart from this, the on-field umpire also had to tell his decision to the third umpire. Now, if sufficient evidence is not found in the video footage, then the decision of the on-field umpires is considered universally accepted. This process was known as the soft signal rule. Now in such a case only the decision of the third umpire will be universally accepted.

What will happen if the match is tied this time?

This time ICC has decided that, if any match is tied then it will be decided by super over. And if the super over is also tied then the super over will be played again and again until the result of the match is declared.

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