Georgetown is adding 300 more parking spaces near the Town Square

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GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Hundreds of more parking spots are coming to downtown Georgetown soon. 

Impressive holiday displays and charming boutique-style shops have attracted many to Georgetown’s quaint downtown square. But with that increase in popularity in recent years comes an increase in the likelihood you’ll have to spend a bit of time hunting down a parking spot before you can enjoy “the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.”

The City of Georgetown recognized this and is working to make parking a little smoother near the town square. 

“Georgetown City Council, staff, and the public worked together to identify and prioritize this need for our community. The parking garage we’re building at Fifth and Austin Avenue will add more than 300 parking spaces to our downtown area, making it easier for business owners, residents, and visitors to enjoy all the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas has to offer,” said Georgetown City Manager David Morgan.

The project will cost just north of $18 million. Construction will start in March 2024 and should be ready for use in August 2025, according to a Georgetown spokesperson. 

Kason Buffaloe manages Mystique Creek Outfitters — which sells beer, wine and outdoor apparel — across the street from the Town Square. He said he has seen the area grow in popularity in last decade.

“I think a lot of the parking has been established as something efficient enough for maybe 10, 15 years ago. But as all these people are coming in, we have definitely noticed some need for more parking,” Buffaloe said. 

Buffaloe said parking in Georgetown hasn’t quite reached crisis levels yet. However, he said having those additional 300 spaces during especially busy times, such as the Red Poppy Festival or the Annual Lighting of the Square, will be a boon. 

“It allows us more people to come in and enjoy the square instead of having to deal with trying to find a parking spot for 15 to 20 minutes at a time,” Buffaloe added. 

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