How Naveen Ul Haq and Virat became friends, what did Kohli say to the Afghan pacer? revealed

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New Delhi: India defeated Afghanistan by 8 wickets in its second match of World Cup 2023. Apart from these two teams, the fans were also eagerly waiting for a clash between two players in the match but nothing like that happened. On the contrary, both the players hugged each other and resolved their old grievances. We are talking about Virat Kohli and Afghanistan pacer Naveen Ul Haq.

There was a dispute on the field between the two in a match of IPL 2023. While shaking hands after the match, Naveen even shook Kohli’s hand. In such a situation, there was a possibility of a tussle between the two in the India-Afghanistan match but nothing like that happened. When Virat was batting, he hugged Naveen.

Naveen Ul Haq, while talking to news agency PTI after the match, said, “Whatever happened between me and Kohli was a matter inside the field. There was no rift or dispute between us outside the field. People and media made it big. They need such cases to increase their followers. Now we have moved beyond that. We hugged each other and shook hands.”

Kohli had asked me to forget the past: Naveen

This Afghanistan fast bowler said that Virat Kohli asked him to forget the past. Naveen said, “Kohli told me that we should forget those things. I also replied to him, everything is over from my side. The spectators shout the name of their domestic cricketer on the field. Delhi was Kohli’s home ground. He is a good person and player.”

When Naveen came out to bat in the match against India, the spectators started chanting Kohli-Kohli. This scene was visible even when Naveen was bowling. Kohli later asked the audience to remain silent. After Kohli and Naveen hugged, the spectators also stopped booing against the Afghanistan bowler.

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