India-Australia match took place in Chennai but Pakistan is trembling, know the reason

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New Delhi: India and Australia played in Chennai. Whatever impact the result of the match had on these two teams. But, Pakistan’s hands and feet are swollen. The legs of his players are trembling. Can you tell why this might be happening? Let us just tell you. Because the reason behind this is a bit surprising.

The feet of Pakistan players are trembling because what happened in the India-Australia match was shocking. The condition of Babar Azam’s entire platoon is bad considering the way the Chennai pitch has behaved. Now if you are wondering why the condition of Pakistan is bad? What does that have to do with it? So you are thinking wrong. Because whatever happened in the match played between India and Australia in Chennai, Pakistan will also have to fight in the future.

So that’s why Pakistan’s hands and feet are swollen?

Pakistan also has to play on the same pitch in Chennai where the match between India and Australia took place. This match between India’s arch-rival Afghanistan will be held on October 23. And, whoever follows cricket knows very well how dangerous Afghanistan’s spinners are. In such a situation, what will he do when the pitch is as per his wish? Even if Pakistan faces a strong opponent on a favorable pitch, Afghanistan’s spinners can wreak havoc on it. Just thinking about all this, the senses of Pakistani players are flying after the India-Australia match.

Don’t be surprised if PAK loses to AFG

Meaning, don’t be surprised if Pakistan loses to Afghanistan on October 23 in Chennai. Because, this entire game would have been played on the pitch on which India defeated Australia. Now that the talk of the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan to be held in Chennai has started, let us tell you how has been the record of Pakistan’s big batsmen against the Afghan spinners.

Babar, Rizwan Vs Rashid and Nabi

Pakistan’s biggest batsman is its captain i.e. Babar Azam. In ODI, Babar has faced 53 balls of Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan, on which he has been out twice while scoring 48 runs. Similarly, Babar could score only 56 runs on 69 balls of Mohammad Nabi and he was out once. Now coming to Pakistan’s second important batsman Mohammad Rizwan. He has played 7 balls of Mohammad Nabi in ODI and scored 7 runs. Even though he did not give his wicket to Rashid Khan, he scored only 11 runs in 26 balls.

What will Babar and Rizwan do in Chennai?

Looking at the statistics of these two big batsmen of Pakistan against Afghan spinners Rashid and Nabi, it is clear that what will be their condition on the tricky pitch of Chennai? On top of that, having played in the IPL, Rashid and Nabi have a better understanding of the pitch and conditions of Chennai, which can prove to be a heavy blow to Pakistan. Now in such a situation, what will happen otherwise the condition of Babar Azam’s team will deteriorate?

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