Jury set to begin deliberations Thursday in Kaitlin Armstrong murder trial

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Closing arguments are set to take place Thursday in the murder trial for Kaitlin Armstrong, the woman accused of shooting and killing Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson on May 11, 2022.

KXAN will provide a live stream of what the prosecutors and defense attorneys will tell the jury before they begin their deliberations. People can watch that in this story and on the KXAN News Facebook page starting at about 9 a.m.

Testimony began on Nov. 1, the State called witnesses for about eight days. Defense called five witnesses on Wednesday and wrapped up its testimony within one day.

During opening statements, prosecutors outlined a timeline of evidence they said placed Armstrong at the scene and established a motive.

As the State’s witnesses testified, prosecutors dissected the relationship between Armstrong, Wilson and Armstrong’s then-boyfriend Colin Strickland. Strickland testified that he and Wilson were briefly romantic in the fall of 2021, during a time when he and Armstrong were not together. He said he and Wilson maintained a friendship and a professional relationship through cycling after he and Armstrong got back together. Records show Strickland and Wilson spent the afternoon together before police say Armstrong shot Wilson at an east Austin apartment.

The Defense said while surveillance cameras captured Armstrong’s Jeep at the murder scene at the time of the shooting, no footage captured Armstrong herself. As attorneys cross examined the State’s witnesses, they raised questions about the reliability of DNA evidence and digital location data. They also addressed what they suggested were issues or discrepancies in the investigation process and asked questions suggesting the possibility of Strickland’s involvement.

KXAN will update this story as closing arguments begin.

History of the case

On May 11, 2022, Austin police found Wilson with a gunshot wound at an east Austin home. She ultimately died at the scene. Wilson, originally from Vermont, was in town for a race in Texas.

Police said Armstrong’s Jeep was in the area of the home where authorities found Wilson dead around the time of the shooting. On May 14, surveillance video captured Armstrong at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. On May 17, APD issued a murder warrant for Armstrong.

She eventually made her way to Costa Rica, where U.S. Marshals found and arrested her on June 30, 2022. Police said she cut and dyed her hair and had a bandage on her nose and bruised eyes.

There is currently a gag order on the case, so no one connected to it can comment on the proceedings until the trial concludes.

More about Wilson

Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson died from a gunshot wound May 11 in an east Austin home. (Courtesy: Matthew Wilson)
Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson died from a gunshot wound May 11 in an east Austin home. (Courtesy: Matthew Wilson)

Wilson was in Austin for a gravel race when she was shot and killed. She stayed with her friend Caitlin Cash in the days prior. Cash was the one who found Wilson on the floor with gunshot wounds and called police. She delivered emotional testimony about the incident on the first day of the trial.

Wilson’s brother Matt took the stand first for the State. He said he and his sister were very close, and he discussed her athletic career on the stand, mentioning her experience with collegiate skiing and her quick rise to success in the cycling world.

Strickland also spoke to Wilson’s skill and determination when it came to cycling.

Wilson’s family set up a foundation in her honor after she died.

According to the foundation’s website, Wilson wrote in 2015 that she wanted to “be the kind of person that picks other people up when they fall down, who’s there for people when they need support, encouragement, and inspiration.”

The foundation’s goal is to “promote healthy living and community building
by supporting organizations dedicated to expanding access to recreation,
sports, and educational programs.”

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