More ballistics evidence testimony expected at Kaitlin Armstrong murder trial

Kaitlin Armstrongs trial continues into day 8.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As testimony wrapped Monday, a firearms forensics examiner, Steven Aston, was addressing bullets found at the east Austin apartment where police believe Kaitlin Armstrong killed Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson on May 11, 2022.

He will likely continue his testimony Tuesday, as defense attorneys were still cross examining Aston when Judge Brenda Kennedy called for a recess until Tuesday morning. 

The trial began about two weeks ago. So far, we have heard from the following witnesses:

  • Wilson’s brother
  • Wilson’s friend Caitlin Cash who called 911 when she found Wilson wounded on the floor in her apartment 
  • Crime scene analysts
  • Austin Police Department homicide detectives
  • People who live near the home where Wilson died
  • Armstrong’s former boyfriend Colin Strickland who was friends with Wilson
  • Armstrong’s friends 
  • A U.S. Deputy Marshal who found Armstrong in Costa Rica about one month after Wilson’s death
  • The owner of a gun range Armstrong went to months before the murder

The Defense’s primary argument is that while surveillance video and other data shows Armstrong’s Jeep at the scene when Wilson died, videos don’t capture Armstrong herself.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Armstrong on May 17, 2022, about one week after Wilson was killed. Surveillance video captures Armstrong at the airport on May 14, 2022. She ultimately made it to Costa Rica before getting arrested there about a month and a half later, and brought back to Texas.

Cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom during testimony, but KXAN has a crew inside and will update this article throughout the day. Crime reporter Brianna Hollis will also post live updates on the social media platform “X” at the link below.

This story will be updated throughout the day Tuesday. Check back for updates.

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