Nonprofit says fosters needed after rescue Labrador Retriever gives birth to 14 puppies

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A former maternity nurse has now had the honor of helping her rescue Labrador Retriever deliver 14 puppies.

“She was huge,” Lori Ziemann said. “This was the largest litter that I’ve ever had the honor to help a mama with.”

The Labrador, Lady Longhorn, went into labor during the Longhorn game over the weekend when Texas beat Oklahoma State for the Big 12 Championship. Ziemann said Lady Longhorn’s delivery took awhile.

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“When she delivered through the day, we put the T.V. in here,” she said. “She is a Longhorn fan now, so we could partially watch the game and cheer the Longhorns on. So, after that, we decided no, this is going to be Lady Longhorn and her 14 little longhorns.”

Lady Longhorn gave birth to six boys and eight girls– all named after notable Texas football players, including Vince, Earl, Major, Ricky and Rose– to honor the times the team has played in that bowl game.

Another pup is named Sugar, in honor of the Horns’ upcoming bowl game.

As a former maternity nurse, Ziemann said she spends some of her free time with the all-volunteer nonprofit Lucky Lab Rescue, now that all of her kids are grown up.

That nonprofit said it is in need of fosters for the pups. If you are interested in fostering or donating, you can visit the Lucky Lab Rescue website for more information.

Lady Longhorn’s puppy’s names


  • Vince
  • Earl
  • Colt
  • Major
  • Sark
  • Mack


  • Quinn
  • Jordan
  • Ricky
  • Sam
  • Brook
  • Jaylen
  • Sugar (Bowl)
  • Rose (Bowl)

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