Said I love you to MS Dhoni at the airport, Mahi gave an amazing reaction

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Desk: Wherever former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni goes, his fans are present. His fans are found in every corner of the world. These fans are eager to get a glimpse of him. There is no limit to his happiness after seeing Dhoni. The kind of craze about Dhoni has been seen once again. Dhoni was recently going through security check at the airport. Then one of his fans saw him. After this, everyone was surprised to hear what he said to Dhoni. The reaction given by Dhoni on this is making headlines at the moment.

Dhoni, who captained Chennai Super Kings in IPL, is away from cricket these days. He leaves either for some promotional event, shooting or for his personal work. Similarly, when Dhoni was going to catch his flight at the airport, he met his fan and seeing Mahi, his happiness knew no bounds.

When Dhoni reached the airport for security check in white t-shirt and black jeans, Dhoni’s fan standing behind the security guard became very happy to see his hero. He started making videos from mobile. After this this fan shouted loudly ‘Mahi Bhai I love you’. Dhoni did not listen to his voice for the first time. After this, when Dhoni came closer, this fan once again shouted ‘Mahi Bhai I love you’. After this the fan said, ‘Sir, my hands are trembling completely.’ Hearing this, a lovely smile appeared on Mahi’s face.

These days Dhoni has grown his hair long. Even in this video her hair is long. Recently another video of his had gone viral in which Dhoni had tied a pony tail. Seeing this look of Dhoni, people feel that he is returning to his old style. When Dhoni started his international career, his hair was long. Seeing these long hair, former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had told Dhoni not to get his hair cut. However, there is a difference between Dhoni’s hair at that time and now. At that time Dhoni’s hair used to be straight but not this time.

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