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Virat Kohli will be in trouble in the final! 20 year old player will become a wall, statistics are scary

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New Delhi: The champion of Asia Cup (Asia Cup 2023) will be revealed on 17th September. Fans were expecting a high voltage match in the final between India and Pakistan. But Sri Lanka won at home and repeated history by defeating Pakistan. Now the old rivalry between Sri Lanka and India will be seen once again in the Asia Cup final after 12 years. In Super-4, Lanka competed brilliantly with bowling, this team easily defeated a legend like Virat Kohli. Now, inauspicious signs are visible for Virat in the final also.

Super-4 match took place between Sri Lanka and India in Colombo. Where the spinners had destroyed the entire team 5 overs earlier. In this, Sri Lanka’s shining star Dunith Vellage had warned Team India. This player first destroyed the top order by taking the wickets of Virat, Rohit and Gill. After this, stars like Rahul and Pandya were sent to the pavilion. Now Vellalaghe seems to be proving to be the most dreaded player in front of Virat Kohli for the final. This is not us but the statistics against Virat’s left arm spinner are saying this.

Became victim 9 times out of 11

Dunith Vellalaghe is just 20 years old and at this age itself he showed Virat-Rohit the way to the pavilion together. The left arm spinner has proved to be a disaster for Virat Kohli so far. He has given his wicket to the left arm spinner 9 times out of 11 innings. During this period, only 121 runs have been scored from the bat of a legend like Virat at an average of 13.04. In such a situation, Vellalaghe can prove to be a big challenge for Virat in the final.

Virat Kohli is looking in excellent form in the Asia Cup. He executed an excellent century innings against arch-rival Pakistan. Team India had booked the ticket for the final by defeating Pakistan. Now Rohit and company are eyeing the trophy. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is trying to heal the wound of 12 years ago which it faced India in the 2010 Asia Cup final.

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