What is Web Hosting and everything about it? 

If you are searching for ‘what is web hosting’ and probably trying to figure out the basics to start your own website then you are on the right article. Web hosting is a necessity to make your website live. 

The article says everything about web hosting, lets read- 

What is web Hosting and its need? 

Web hosting is an online service that allows the organization or individuals to post a website or a web page onto the Internet. 

When you look for a web hosting or hosting service provider, you get their business that provides all the technologies and services you require for your website or web page to be viewed on the Internet. 

There are special computers where the websites are stored or hosted, and they are known to be servers. 

As your users want to view your website, they need to type the web address or domain into the browser. 

Then the computers will connect your Server to that your webpage and deliver the website through a browser. 

Most of the hosting companies look to provide your domain and host with their provider. If you don’t have a domain, the hosting companies help you get one. 

Features that you should look upon before choosing a web hosting provider 

  1. Email Accounts 

Generally, most of the hosting providers need their users to provide a domain name of their own. As you have your domain name and email provided by your hosting provider, you will be able to create your domain email account. 

  1. Access to FTP

When you use FTP, it lets you upload files from your local computer to your Server. You build your website using your HTML file, and you allow the files to transfer from your computer to the webserver through FTP. This allows your website to get access through the Internet. 

  1. Support from WordPress 

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and an online tool where one can create and manage websites conveniently. More than 25% of websites are built-in WordPress on the Internet. 

Ask your hosting provider if they are ready to provide you with WordPress compatible plans or not. The general requirements for your WordPress website include- PHP Version 7 or more; MySQL Version 5.6 or more. 

Types of Web Hosting 

Most web hosting comes with various types of hosting as per their client’s needs- 

Some of the popular web hostings are- 

In Shared Hosting, clients share one Server with other clients. 

  • It is low cost 
  • Pre-Configured 
  • User-Friendly 
  • Maintenance is taken care of for you 

Virtual Private Server shares server with other users, and a separate potion with memory is allocated to you. 

  • Dedicated Server
  • Easy scalability

Cloud hosting provides a cluster of servers to you. 

  • Significantly less to no downtime 
  • Pay for what you use 
  • More scalable than other hosting types 

It is similar to shared hosting created for WordPress site owners. 

  • Low budget 
  • Great on Performance 
  • Pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins 

A dedicated server means you have a server dedicated to you only. 

  • Full Control on Configuration 
  • Reliable and Secure

Benefits businesses can get from web hosting. 

To publish your website online, there is a need for a web hosting service. But a web hosting gives much more than just web hosting. 

For example, Web hosting firms have in-house technicians who ensure that client’s websites do not have a problem and run 24X7. 

Also, when website owners face an issue and need troubleshooting, the support is always on the go. 

Professional web hosting services make sure that clients have a hassle-free experience for business owners.

Top web hosting companies 

Some of the best web hosting providers are- 

  1. Hostager- $8.95/Month 
  2. Nexcess- $15.84/Month 
  3. Hostinger- $1.39/Month   
  4. Bluehost- $ 8.99/Month  
  5. A2 Hosting- $8.99/Month  
  6. InMotion- $7.99/Month 
  7. Dreamhost- $4.95/Month  
  8. SiteGround- $ 3.99/Month   
  9. GreenGreeks- $9.95/Month  
  10. WPEngine- $30/Month  


  1. Do you need a host to run a website? 

All websites need hosting to run. You can set your Server or use some other type of Server as per your requirements mentioned above. 

  1. Is web hosting free? 

Web hosting comes free and paid for both. It depends on the web hosting service provider that you choose.        

  1. Can I host my domain? 

Yes, you can do that by choosing a domain and a hosting service provider. Use their hosting and change the setting to the web hosting company’s. 

  1. Which Web hosting is best? 

There are many web hosting service providers in the market that provides different hosting plans. The article above says some of the best Web Hosting service providers that you can go for. 


The most difficult thoughts about what is Web hosting has been simplified in this article. Some of the features, types, and necessities for purchasing web hosting are also mentioned. 

We hope that it solves your queries…!!! 

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