World Cup 2023: The excitement of ICC World Cup 2023 starts rising

world cup 2023 aMumbai. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is going to start from next month. The International Cricket Council is going to organize the Men’s World Cup 2023 (ICC Cricket World Cup 2023) from 5 October 2023 to 19 November 2023 at different stadiums in India, but Indians have already started getting crazy about the ICC World Cup 2023. Is.

Cricket fans eagerly wait for India’s clash with Pakistan and Australia. Of these, there was a lot of confusion regarding Pakistan’s cricket team playing in India. After security assurance, when PCB agreed to send Babar and the team to India, the Pakistani team started facing problems in getting visas. In the end, after a lot of hard work, the Pakistani team got the special visa for India. However, in this round the Pakistani team had to cancel the two-day ‘team bonding’ session to be held in Dubai.

Pakistan Cricket Board spokesperson Omar Farooq Kalson, after getting the visa, said that Babar Azam and Company are reaching India as per the scheduled time to play the World Cup. Coulson said that finally we got a call from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to collect the passport. PCB had written to ICC in the visa matter that it is still waiting for visa approval from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. Pakistan team has to reach Hyderabad on 27th September for the practice match. Do you know which special visa has been issued by India for the Pakistani team?

Which visa did the Pakistani team get?

Sports visa has been issued by India for all the members of the Pakistani team. Under this, foreign teams and players can be invited to come to India by the concerned Indian Sports Federation or Association only after its approval is received from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Also, the organizer will present the proposal to organize an international sports event to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for prior approval. After this, the Sports Department sends the proposal along with its recommendations for specific categories to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs for approval at least 30 days in advance.

Which countries require prior approval?

For programs involving Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and stateless players, the Sports Department has to take prior approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs. Apart from this, if players have to visit restricted or protected areas in north-eastern states other than Jammu-Kashmir, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, then prior approval is also mandatory. In such cases, the Indian High Commission or the Central Government grants visa only after getting approval from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, approval to organize the program from the Ministry of Home Affairs and political approval to organize the program from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Which players get business visa?

Foreigners of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistani origin and stateless players are required to apply online for visa at the respective Indian High Commission or post. According to the rules, ‘X-SP’ visas are given to teams and players only for a reasonable period. Foreign nationals who are contracted to play professional sporting events in India for remuneration are issued a Business Visa (B-Sports) with multiple entry facility for a specified period.

PCB had expressed concern to ICC

Pakistan Cricket Board claims that it had written a letter to ICC CEO Geoff Allardice regarding the delay in getting the visa. It was written that no attention has been paid to the visas given to players, team officials, fans and journalists for the World Cup 2023 in India for more than three years. PCB spokesperson had said on Monday that it is being said that the visa will be available in the next 24 hours for a week. We are still waiting. There are indications that NOC for visa has not been issued by the Indian Home Ministry.

35 member Pakistani team coming to India

According to sources, PCB has re-booked the flight of about 35-member Pakistani team after the cancellation of the Dubai trip. Let us tell you that Pakistan team last participated in the 2016 T20 World Cup in India. Due to diplomatic tension between the two countries, cricket teams are playing against each other only in Asia Cup and ICC tournaments.

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